Why You Should Consider a Career at Cisco after your Military Service

For those that have served in the military, the path back to a civilian life is not always an easy one. One of the biggest obstacles facing veterans is finding a civilian career based on their military experience.

In order to assist veterans and being all they can be in their civilian life, companies like Cisco offer a wide range of programs and certifications to make the transition seamless.

Cisco understands the particular needs of military personnel and cares deeply about our servicemen and their needs after their service. Cisco careers are just what many veterans are looking for and need the most, as they make the difficult transition into life after the military.

Whether you are a veteran, in transition in the military, or you are an active duty serviceman or woman, Cisco certification can transform your military experience into credentials that can be used in government and civilian careers.

Cisco also offers many training programs for those who have no technology background in the military per se, but are interested in acquiring the skills in the civilian sector post-service.

Let's take a look at the different programs available to those who have so valiantly served our country and truly deserve a place in the civilian sector where they can thrive, prosper, and grow in ways that will support them in their new lives.

Programs and Certifications Offered by Cisco for Military Personnel

When those who have served in the military return home from active duty, they are often faced with a unique set of challenges in finding employment.

However, let's not forget that those who have served in the military are highly disciplined and intelligent individuals and are capable of performing well under pressure.

The unique experience of serving in the military prepares people from all walks of life to be able to handle any obstacle that comes along.  Military service is not like civilian life, and many veterans feel perplexed when they face this unfamiliar territory.

Cisco understands these unique challenges, and they are very aware of the steps veterans need to take to be able to meet the transition challenge head-on.  The programs and certifications that Cisco has developed are designed to help military personnel meet the obstacles facing them with resources and support that will help them every step of the way.

There are a wide range of programs and certifications available for veterans that Cisco provides, so let's take a closer look that was some of these are here:

Virginia Veterans Cyber Training Program (VVCT). 

Created in November of 2016 and announced by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, this program is designed for veterans with an interest and background in the cyber industry.

For those veterans in Virginia, this free online cyber training pilot program is offered to those who want to advance in the cyber industry. This program was developed by Cisco and other companies like Amazon, Palo Alto Networks, as well as other delivery partners.

Veterans Incubation Talent Program. 

Located at Cisco's RTP campus, this program trains transitioning service members and or veterans in a variety of skills necessary for an entry-level Cisco Services engineer position.

This program had its first graduate in December of 2016 and has received the Department of Defense Skills-Bridge approval and is also been adopted as an official Fort Bragg career skills program in the month of August of 2017.

  • Cisco Networking Academy. This Academy offers extensive courses to a variety of military personnel and has trained over 73,000 military veterans since 1997.
  • Cyber Security Scholarship Program.  Launched on May 5th, 2016, Cisco promised to train 1,000 military personnel over the course of the next two years.
  • Veterans Enablement and Troop Support Employee Resource Organization. This organization supports and provides mentoring to active and retired military servicemen as well as their families.  Their efforts to provide services to veterans are focused on those who desire a career in the cyber industry.
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    Cyber Security Certification.  Cisco offers a wide variety of cyber security certifications for veterans. With a background in the military, many veterans are familiar with the concepts behind cyber security in general.

With would-be hackers and cybercriminals all over the globe, it makes sense that someone with a military background would make an ideal candidate to defend private companies and individuals from cyber-attack in their civilian life.

Fighting Against Cybersecurity

The natural progression from a military career into a role of protecting individuals through cyber security is one of many potential good fits for a wide number of former military personnel.

In today's dangerous world, cybersecurity is at the forefront of almost everyone’s mind, especially in business.  Cybercrime and cyber-espionage on a business level are one of the greatest threats anybody faces.  Those who are trained in cyber-security are in demand in the workforce, and will be for life. Cisco careers are geared for these positions, especially for veterans.

This makes veterans use their background as military personnel and everything they have learned useful on a private level that still serves people in our country and protect them from dangers, which is the purpose of the military as well.  It's a perfect fit for many.

There are also other resources and support available from Cisco, as well as a number of programs that create awareness of the needs and capabilities of military personnel within the IT industry.

Cisco is a devoted partner of the military, and they have a vested interest in looking out for the needs of our veterans and helping them find careers in the civilian sector

Other Programs and Resources Cisco Offers

Cisco is a unique company among it professionals, and its focus on helping veterans is unparalleled.

There are even more programs other than those we have mentioned that Cisco operates, and they also have a wide variety of resources available to veterans to assist in their career goals.

Some of these programs and resources include the following:

  • Veterans Jobs Mission. Cisco is one of the founding members of an organization called Veterans Jobs Mission, which is essentially a coalition of companies that are dedicated to hiring a total of 1 million veterans by the year 2020.  Veterans who undergo Cisco certification training are likely to be hired within this network and are shown preference in the hiring process.
  • The IT Training and Certification Program. This program was developed by the White House between the Years 2013 to 2014. It is designed to fast-track those military personnel who are transitioning into training and certification programs and then match them to exclusive high demand jobs in the civilian sector.  This program can be utilized by all veterans to position themselves into new employment upon exiting the military.
  • Futures, Inc. Cisco has provided to 1 million dollars in capital to a program called Futures Inc. which has developed a cloud-based pipeline that utilizes sophisticated military job codes with appropriate civilian career pads and job roles. There are many military hiring events that use this company and their technology to pre-match candidates to new positions and help employers review candidates and hold interviews.

More Facts about Cisco Careers and Veterans Programs

Cisco has provided a legacy of Veteran support and will continue to do so. Some of their accomplishments include:

  • 370,000 military veterans have been hired for jobs in the civilian sector based on cloud-based job Pipelines
  • Through the Futures Inc. pipeline, networking has resulted in 74% of employers at military job forces bears offering employment to military veterans.
  • In 2017, Cisco was named a gold star military friendly company by Times magazine.

Why You Should Consider a Cisco Veterans Program

Cisco feels that veterans are uniquely qualified to work in the cyber industry field including cyber security. Because of their service and discipline, they make better employees overall. Their investment in Veterans programs is comprehensive and extensive, and they make every effort to accommodate the needs of our nation's fighting men and women.

Because the transition to civilian life often can come with a certain degree of uncertainty for veterans, Cisco has support mechanisms in place to accommodate these issues directly.

If you are a veteran and you are considering acquiring Cisco certification training or using any of their other resources, you are among millions of others who have been right where you are.

The fact of the matter is your country needs you and always will.

Your military service may have ended, but everything you have learned let alone the discipline you have acquired, do not have to go to waste.

You can still serve your fellow countrymen and keep them safe online through the cyber security certification programs.

With all that Cisco has to offer, no military personnel need to be left behind without a viable option in the cyber industry to fall on. And Cisco is right there to help you every step of the way.

With so many programs to choose from and resources designed just for veterans, Cisco careers are worth more than checking out – they are indeed one of the best choices any veteran could make.

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