Everything You Need to Know About Fort Hood National Bank

Do you have any affiliation with the U.S. military service as an active duty soldier or a retiree? If that is the case, you might be looking for a bank that offers banking products and services tailored with you, your loved ones or business in mind.

If you are also interested with picking a bank that would keep all of your military benefits safe then this blog would be the best resource for you to learn more about the bank that would suit your needs.

The good news is that there are many military banks available to serve you, but they are not all the same. Continue reading on below to get an overview of a military bank called Fort Hood National Bank, thereof also referred to as FHNB or “the Bank”.

A Basic Overview of Fort Hood National Bank

Operating as a federally chartered bank since it was started in 1965, Fort Hood National Bank prides in providing a complete range of banking products and services to men and women of the U.S. military and their families.

Having garnered the highly coveted Department of the U.S. Army’s Military Bank of the Year Award eleven times so far, there’s no denying that the Bank excels at meeting the unique banking needs of the military community.

Branch Locations

FHNB primarily has branch locations in Fort Hood, Texas. Currently, the Bank operates seven local branches – six in Fort Hood and one in Copperas Cove, as listed below:

1. Main Exchange Branch, Bldg. 4250 Clear Creek Rd, Fort Hood, TX 76544

2. West Fort Hood Branch, Bldg. 91079 Clarke Rd, Fort Hood, TX 76544

3. Warrior Way Branch, Bldg. 85006 Warrior Way, Fort Hood, TX 76544

4. Soldiers Center Branch, Bldg. 18010 TJ Mills Boulevard, Fort Hood, TX 76544

5. Clear Creek Branch, Bldg. 50005 Clear Creek Road, Fort Hood, TX 76544

6. West Fort Hood Branch, Bldg. 91079 Clarke Road, Fort Hood, TX 76544

7. Cove Branch, Bldg. 210 Constitution Drive, Suite A, Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Aside from operating the above traditional brick-and-mortar branches, the Bank also has ATMs in multiple locations, including Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Plus, military service people that bank with FHNB can also bank online.

Business Hours

Normal operating hours are between 9.00 AM and 5.00 PM but may vary slightly for some branch locations.

For example, the Soldiers Center Branch opens at 8.00 AM and closes at 4.00 PM, while the Clear Creek Main Exchange Branch offers extended lobby hours, as it stays open for business between 9.00 AM and 8.00 PM.

When deciding on your branch location, consider the business hours being offered to you at the various branches, and choose business hours that are convenient for you.

Banking Products and Services Offered By Fort Hood National Bank 

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All banking products and services available to FHNB customers can be grouped into three main categories: personal banking services, business banking services, and loan products.

1. Personal Banking Services

Two types of personal accounts are available to FHNB customers: checking accounts and savings accounts.

Personal Checking Accounts

FHNB offers you an array of checking accounts so you can choose a checking account that best suits your particular needs. You have the freedom to choose from any of the following accounts:

  • Free Checking Account: opening this checking account will cost you nothing. Plus, it requires no minimum balance to remain active. No monthly fees are charged on this account.
  • Checking Account with Interest: if you would like to earn a little interest on your money, then this account is created for you.
  • High Yield Checking Account: this account is designed for customers who maintain higher balances and would like to earn higher interest amounts.
  • check
    eAccount: if you are the type that appreciates getting things done electronically, this account is suited to you. You won’t have to write any checks and you can generate all your bank statements online.

Personal Savings Accounts    

If you are looking to save for the future, FHNB has got you covered. The Bank understands that having a sound savings plan is vital to ensuring financial stability. That is why they offer a selection of savings products to match your specific goals and needs.

Personal Savings accounts available to you include the following:

  • Regular savings account: opening this personal account is a great way to get the ball rolling when it comes to your savings. It requires a low minimum balance and pays a higher interest on a higher savings amount.
  • Military savings account: this account is right for you and your family if you are on active duty orders. You will love the fact that it offers the highest interest rate on your balance.
  • Kids count account: good financial habits should be inculcated in children from an early age. If you have children, you can open a kid’s count account so you can start saving for their future, and teach the little ones the importance of saving.
  • Money market account: if you are looking to save but still access your money whenever you want, this account is the perfect option for you because it delivers a blend of benefits attributed to both a checking and savings account.

Complementary Account Services Available for Personal Accounts

For each personal account (checking or savings), the Bank offers a range of services. These include:

  • Online Banking
  • Direct Deposits
  • E-Statements
  • Bill Pay – Electronic Payment of Bills
  • check
    Funds Transfer – Electronic Transfer of Funds
  • check
    E-mail Alerts on Account Activity
  • check
    Mobile Check Deposit
  • check
    Debit and Credit Cards, and more

2. Business Banking Services

FHNB offers checking accounts and interest-earning accounts for their business clients.

Business Checking Accounts

The following checking accounts are designed with the needs of various businesses in mind.

  • Small business checking account: best option for start-ups.
  • Regular commercial checking account: standard account meant to meet the needs of any business.
  • Analyzed commercial checking account: a premium account available for high activity accounts with no limitations on the volume of transactions to be carried out at any time.
  • Not-for-profit organization checking account: suitable for educational, religious, charitable or other organizations eligible for tax exemption.

Interest-Bearing Accounts    

What better way to use idle cash than to deposit it in one of FHNB’s interest-earning business accounts?

Earn interest on your commercial monies by choosing from the following interest-bearing accounts.

  • Commercial Money Market: this business account is suited to the needs of any business or organization.
  • Commercial Checking with Interest: this business account is a terrific option for larger, well-established businesses or organizations.

Complementary Account Products and Services Available for Business Accounts

For each commercial account (checking or interest-earning), the Bank offers a range of complementary products services, including:

  • Business MasterCard Products – debit cards and credit cards
  • Business Express Deposit
  • Funds Transfers
  • ACH Origination
  • check
  • check
    Bill Pay – Electronic Payment of Bills
  • check
    Funds Transfer – Electronic Transfer of Funds
  • check
    E-mail Alerts on Account Activity
  • check
    Small Business Financial Tool

3. Loan Products   

Fort Hood National Bank also offers a variety of loan facilities to both individual and commercial customers.

The Bank’s lending portfolio includes personal loans for the purchase of homes, new or used vehicles, boats and recreational vehicles, and more, as well as loans to run a business or for commercial debt servicing.

Customers simply need to contact the staff working at the Bank to discuss their situation and needs.

The staff will inform you of the loan product that you qualify.

Why Should You Consider Banking with Fort Hood National Bank?

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Here is a look at a number of good reasons to consider banking with FHNB:

1. It is designed for you: As a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you deserve to bank with a bank understands your particular banking needs. As a military bank, FHNB is created to meet your unique banking needs in the best way possible.

2. It is a leading military bank in the United States: Having bagged the highly coveted Army’s Military Bank of the Year Awards eleven times (and still counting), FHNB is undoubtedly a pace-setter in the world of military banking.

3. It has a number of branch locations: FHNB currently operates seven branches. You are free to choose the branch that is most convenient for you in terms of proximity and operating hours.

4. It offers low-cost services: FHNB banking services are offered at competitive rates. This helps you save on banking costs.

Final Word

As an active duty or retired member of the Armed Forces, you are a national hero. Therefore, you deserve to enjoy the benefits available to you, and more.

If you think that Fort Hood National Bank has what it takes to meet your banking needs and those of your family, consider contacting the customer staff to discuss the options available to you.

But if you are unsure, you reserve the right to look into all the alternatives available to you and pick the option that will best serve your banking needs.

Some of the key factors you may want to consider when selecting your bank is the interest rates on loans and savings, bank fees, and quality of customer support offered.

Most times, a military service career will not give you enough time to effectively handle things like your finances. But with a reliable bank like FHNB, you have one less thing to worry about.

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