Joining the military is a personal decision that many have made in a selfless manner, with the primary reason being a dedication to the nation and serving our people.

The military doesn't have an incredibly high salary at any level, however the people that make up our Armed Forces are dedicated heroes who are thinking about the needs of others.

Although you won't get rich joining the military, there are a wide number of military benefits available to veterans after they leave the service that are exceptionally valuable.  Some of them are tangible and intangible benefits.

Intangible benefits include belonging to a group of people that are exclusively a family of their own.  The respect you receive as being military personnel by others in the military, their families, and the general public as a whole is worth a quite great deal to many people.

Tangible benefits are numerous as well, both from the military and also from other businesses and institutions.  If you have joined the military or are thinking about it, you should be aware of what you can expect that will benefit you for your selfless service in the name of our country.

There are a wide variety of military benefits that include, but are not limited to the following;

Tangible Benefits for Military Personnel

There are many benefits for military personnel. And this is only a partial list of some of them. Most of the military benefits you will receive directly are touched upon in the following list. However, there are other benefits offered both by the military and the private sector.

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  • Tax free housing and food allowances
  • Advanced technical and specialty training
  • Space A travel-  free flights between military bases
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    Educational benefits such as the GI Bill, education on duty, tuition assistance, scholarship and service member opportunity colleges
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    Cash bonuses
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    30 days of vacation each year
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    Dental and health care for you and your loved ones
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    Pension plans
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    Money discounts and deals in the private sector on all kinds of merchandise and other offers, as well as preferential treatment by many individuals in the business world
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    Special offers on VA home loans
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As you can see, there's a pretty substantial amount of direct assistance from the military for their personnel, and the other tangible benefits offered by the private sector to former service numbers are not to be ignored either.

Besides the direct benefits from the military we have listed, there are also other programs offered that may be beneficial to many different service personnel before or after their service is completed. Let's take a look at some of these different programs here:

1. Death Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers the benefit of a free headstone for graves or grave markers for veterans who have died. The families of veterans may request that a U.S. flag be draped over the casket of the deceased veteran, and they may also request that a Presidential Memorial Certificate be created to honor the service of their loved ones.

2. Certification Programs

The GI Bill does not only cover the cost of college tuition in pursuit of a college degree, it also offers up to $2,000 towards certification programs that can be used to give a veteran a new career without attending college. This is good for those who don't want to attend college or wish to change careers.

3. Transferring GI Bill Credit

The spouses and dependents of veterans can also get access to unused credits under the GI Bill transferred to them under certain conditions.  These credits are dependent on service limit conditions.

4. Life Insurance 

For many veterans, getting traditional life insurance is a challenge especially if they have sustained injuries during their term of service. However, the Servicemembers’ and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance Program provides up to $400,000 in life insurance for veterans. The rates for these premium services are at a competitive level as well.

5. VA Foreclosures

The Veterans Administration maintains a list of homes that have received VA loans that have gone into foreclosure. Veterans can purchase homes on this list at a discount as well as non-veterans as well. All the properties on this list qualify for VA financing and are often a good bargain as well.

6. Caregiver Support

Although they are not financially able to provide money, the Department of Veterans Affairs offers support lines that help caregivers manage military benefits for those veterans that are cared for at home.

7. Free Tax Service

Volunteer income tax preparation services on military bases make it possible for service members and their families to receive free tax services. Those who work in the income tax preparation services for the military have extensive knowledge on the issues that affect the taxes of servicemen and women and their families.

8. Corporate Partners 

American corporate partners have formed a connection with servicemen and women and veterans with top companies to help them make the transition into civilian life with a great new job.  Services include not only job placement, but one-on-one mentor-ship and career development services.

What to Expect from the GI Bill

There are certain facts about the GI bill that you should be aware of. The GI bill is used to pay for college tuition and certification program for former service members. On average, you have from between 10 to 15 years to use your GI Bill after you've left the service.

Under the Montgomery GI Bill you have 10 years to use your benefits and under the post 9/11 GI Bill you have up to 15 years. If you rejoin the service any time during these periods, the clock is reset and starts again all over when you exit the service yet again.

The GI bill is not federal financial aid of any kind, it is exclusive to the armed forces and is used only for service members who have completed their service.  You can start and stop using the GI bill at any point in time although that you only have a certain number of credits it will pay for.

The GI Bill and the amount you receive is based on your length of service and divided on a monthly basis based on this.  Although the GI bill is not counted as on taxable income on your tax return, your federal financial aid that you are eligible for will be reduced by the amount you received from the GI Bill.

The GI Bill extends benefits for 36 months, although months are counted specifically by 30 days and in some cases half months are also used if you only go halfway through the middle of a month of classes.

The GI Bill pays its benefits according to the number of credits that you are taking at an institution at any given time. You can find out more about the GI Bill from your recruiter or for looking online for information.

Other Military Benefits Not Mentioned

When you join the military you are hardly alone, as there are countless soldiers that have gone before you, and there are countless soldiers that will follow you. While you are in your service, you will meet many different people from all walks of life.

Solid Connections that Transcend Beyond Active Duty Service

Being in the service is a perfect opportunity to make friends – close friends that you can keep your whole life, and network with them and their friends to form new associations. Some of these associations can result in wonderful new business opportunities when you do exit the service.

Many individuals have formed bonds with those they have served with and got on after their service to create numerous businesses.  These friends that support you often can be called on in times of trouble to help you in various situations. And depending on how well you do socially, you can count on them to be there for you when the chips are down.

Building Discipline and Character

military teamwork training

When you serve our country in the armed forces you learn how to build your character and your discipline, and this helps you throughout your whole life in every area including careers and socially.

With all of the available benefits that the service provides, the many times intangible benefits prove to be the most valuable for our service people.

The connections you can make as a former service member and the respect that you will receive will open doors for you that would not be that would be closed otherwise.

Getting Military Benefits for Your Selfless Service

The fact of the matter is that there is no other opportunity in the world such as the service that will do more for you. The strength that you get and the opportunities that you receive as well as the skills you learn while in the service are unparalleled in the civilian world.

There is no doubt about it that serving in the armed forces is a very difficult and hard life at times, and underneath It all, there is an urgency to protect the nation and our people.

The benefits that are extended to service members who have performed their duties with honor cannot be matched by any other vocation or career.

Being a soldier is not a matter of a paycheck or benefits per se, but you can expect that you will receive quite a bit in return for your selfless sacrifice.

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