My HealtheVet is basically the personal health record primarily for former service members, which is run and maintained by the Veterans Administration.

The main function of My HealtheVet is to provide health resources for veterans, service members, authorized caregivers, and other concerned individuals.

Located at, in order to access my health vet, all you need is an internet connection.

Access My HealtheVet anywhere you have an internet connection whether at home, at a library or office, or even using Wi-Fi at a cafe or restaurant.

Different Account Types at My HealtheVet

My HealtheVet offers three specific different types of accounts. The three account types are as follows: basic, advanced, and premium. There are different features available for the accounts you may find immensely useful.

Let’s take a closer look at what the different account types are offered here:

1. Basic

The basic account is open to anyone and is absolutely free.  This account does not require authentication to access, although other account types do. With this type, you have limited access to certain features on My HealtheVet.

You can track your health measures using certain tools as well as the journals, although you are not able to access personal health information in your VA file or Department of Defense systems.

Using a basic account, you have access to the following features:

  • Goals

You can set personal goals using the My Goals feature. This feature allows you to identify your strengths, create tasks, overcome certain obstacles, set goals, and track progress. Using the My Goals feature will allow your personal healthcare team to be able to identify what is specifically important to you.

  • Vitals and Readings
In the vitals and readings section, you can record and track specific personal health measurements such as weight, levels of pain, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, body temperature, and much more. This information can be used to track your overall health.
  • Journal

Your health journal will allow you to document information related to your personal health history such as your military health history, medical tests, medical events, allergies, and your use of over-the-counter medications.  This in turn allows you to understand your overall health progress and document your health history.

  • Personal Information.

You can easily track all of your personal information such as your contact information, emergency contacts, health insurance information, names of your healthcare providers and doctors, and other related information.

  • Wallet ID Card.

You can print out a wallet ID card that includes the personal information in your personal health record for easy access during health events which can aid healthcare professionals and your treatment.

2. Advanced

The advanced account is meant only for veterans or VA patients themselves. When you're using this account, you have access to the higher levels of features in My HealtheVet.  You will be able to access some of the information in your VA file or your Department of Defense records.

When you begin to access these records, you are then given access to the advanced account. This can be specifically valuable to VA patients as they are able to refill VA prescriptions online using the My HealtheVet system. You do not need to be a verified user to use the advance account.

3. Premium

The premium account is only to be used by veterans and actual VA patients. When using this account, you are allowed to use the highest level to access features in the My HealtheVet system. In order to be allowed access to this account, you need to be verified and go through the verification process.

To be verified, you must provide information such as your social security number date of birth and gender in order to use this type of account and be linked to your VA records and Department of Defense records. Those with Premium Accounts are allowed to have access and view their individual VA health records. These include such records as:

  • VA appointments
  • VA demographics
  • VA electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • check
    VA admissions and discharges
  • check
    VA immunizations
  • check
    Past VA appointments limited to 2 years
  • check
    VA laboratory results. Microbiology/ Chemistry/ Hematology results are available 3 calendar days after verification. Depending on the test type there may be a delay in test results.
  • check
    VA medication history
  • check
    VA notes. These are available 3 calendar days after completion and are signed by all of the healthcare team.
  • check
    VA pathology reports. Electron microscopy/ Cytology/ Surgical pathology reports are available 14 days after completion. Some studies not done at VA approved clinics may not be available.
  • check
    VA problem list. This list includes active health problems you are undergoing treatment for and this information is available 3 calendar days after submission. This may not contain problems treated by non-VA providers
  • check
    VA radiology. Information is available3 calendar days after submission by your VA health care team.
  • check
    VA wellness reminders
  • check
    VA vitals and readings
  • check
    Department of Defense (DOD) military service information
  • check
    VA electronic health records. Information such as the VA continuity of care document as well as additional information when available.

In addition to these features, you may also have access to the following features:

You may use the VA Blue Button to view print save and download your VA personal health and Department of Defense military records and related information. You are permitted to share this with your caregivers and other individuals you trust.

You could download your VA continuity of care document, which is a summary of all the important health information found in your VA electronic health record.

Secure messaging is available to communicate online with your personal VA Health Care team. You can use this to send messages or make or cancel VA appointments. You can also use it to find out lab results or find out more about health issues or medications or you may also discuss your general health matters.

How To Safeguard Your Information On My HealtheVet

Cyber security

The safeguarding of your personal information is extremely important to you and your caregivers.

My HealtheVet is an optimally secure website with robust security features. The Veterans Administration is required by law to file follow strict procedures and policies with practices to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure at all times.

As safe as the VA makes your information online, there is always the chance that you could compromise the security of said information inadvertently while using the site.

One thing you can do to safeguard your information is to always make sure that the files that are downloaded and all of the information that you collect in a single session are removed from the computer if you are not the sole owner and user.

When you download a PDF, it is stored in a temporary file in your computer and can be accessed without your permission by those with access to the computer.

So, make sure that all PDF files are not saved when you are done with a session if on a public computer.

There are other steps you can take to make sure your information is not compromised. Some of these tips you can find at the My HealtheVet website.

The Benefits You Get from Using My HealtheVet

There are many benefits to using the My HealtheVet system that are available for everyone. The greatest benefit is that you can access your health information anywhere at any time online using the My HealtheVet system.

You can achieve a much greater depth of understanding of your health condition and general status by using the journal and other tools. You can track medication usage and the progress of treatment for certain health conditions. You can also get results for a laboratory test, and of course, you can get refills for your prescriptions by using My HealtheVet system.

It also permits different ways to improve your health in monitoring your progress. You can become better partners with your healthcare team and other providers and create a therapeutic alliance. You can keep your health care providers in the loop and become better informed about the progress of your health conditions and various treatments.

There are so many different benefits that are all rolled into one with the My HealtheVet system. Even non-veterans or VA patients can also use the free system basics basic account to access the features to help them.

Use My HealtheVet to Keep Your Health in Check 

My HealtheVet is a system that is open to all and is designed to take care of the health needs that everyone faces.

If you are interested in using the My HealtheVet system you can learn more at their website.  On the homepage, you will find several tabs such as “frequently asked questions,” as well as the “learn about” section that teaches you how to use the tools and features on the part of that system.

Also, there is information on how to locate different facilities with a facility locator tab. The “About My HealtheVet” tab answers all of the questions you may have about how to use the website. Just visit them today to learn more.

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