Have you recently returned home from serving your last day in the military? If so, you’re probably looking for a new job.

It’s well understood that coming straight out of military service life and trying to settle back down can be a tough job in itself.

The trouble of figuring out what to do next after the end of your career in the military as a serviceman can be challenging, especially since you don’t have a job waiting for you back at home, whereas in the military you worked the same job every day and night for years.

However, considering one of the many southwestern airlines careers is a great place to start.

Everything from aircraft maintenance and engineering, airport operations, marketing and corporate sales, to corporate careers and customer support are all some of the southwestern airlines careers alongside many more.

5 Reasons to consider Southwestern Airlines Career as your next job

southwest airlines careers

So, are you ready to explore what could be your next career? If so, then here are 5 reasons why you should consider a southwestern airlines career as your next job.

Reason #1: Southwestern Airlines Loves the Military

Not only is Southwestern Airlines considered to be among the best airlines in the United States, but they have a huge heart and compassion for military servicemen and women, both currently active and those who have already finished their service…

...People like you.

Southwestern Airlines has experience in both employing, partnering, and serving people who have been in the military, are in the military, and who have spouses in the military. Therefore, they are extremely understanding of your situation and you won’t be the odd one out when starting the new job.

Southwestern even says it themselves: “our colors may be red, yellow, and blue, but our support is for the red, white, and blue.”

In numbers, more than 7,500 of their employees are actively serving or have in the past, and 900 are spouses to people still in service.

And not only are they known for having many military employees and customers, but they are also nationally recognized as an employer for Military.

Reason #2: Southwestern Airlines Careers are Similar to Military Careers

Especially if you were in the Coast Guard, Air Force, or in a branch of military where you were around anything that had to do with flying, then a career at Southwestern Airlines won’t be too foreign to you.

This can make adjusting to the new job and new lifestyle a bit easier, as you won’t be in an entirely new and different world than that which you were in when serving in the military.

Plus, Southwestern Airlines has been ranked in the Top 100 most military friendly employers, and as mentioned earlier, they have a huge heart for the military with many current employers and customers having some kind of relation to the military.

This means that you won’t be the odd one out and you will definitely not have trouble finding someone to relate to.

In fact, you might feel right at home among people with similar knowledge and experience as you.

Reason #3: Veterans Receive Discounts at Southwestern Airlines

If you are a veteran who is a member of VetRewards, a veteran reward program started by Veterans Advantage, then you can receive discounts simply for your previous service in the United States military.

This is yet another example of Southwestern Airlines’ heart for our country’s military and those who risked their lives to protect it.
Southwestern Airlines recently became a newly added member of Veterans Advantage’s list of exclusive partners of their VetRewards program.

Not only does this benefit you as a veteran yourself, but all the other veterans around you. And by working with Southwestern Airlines, you are still offering your service to recognize, respect, and reward people actively serving in the military and those who have already completed their service.

Reason #4: Employees Receive Great Benefits and Rewards

Southwestern Airlines has dedicated themselves to always putting their employees at the top of their priority list.

As an employee, you can receive Work Perks, such as travel privileges and even a dollar-for-dollar match in a 401(k) plan.

Southwestern Airlines even has established their own Culture, which establishes an atmosphere of employee equality, extremely well employee treatment, and their promise to put their employees first.

If a great benefit package and all the rewards you can earn as an employee don’t quite please your fancy yet, then your value as an employee surely will.

According to Southwestern Airlines, the essential elements that make up their work atmosphere and culture are appreciation, recognition, and celebration.

Plus, your career at Southwestern Airlines isn’t just looked upon as a job: it’s a relationship. Employees enjoy each other’s’ company for multiple events, from Spirit Parties and Chili Cook Offs to Southwest Rallies.

Additionally, employees get to experience and participate in many local events and celebrations.

So, not only do you have the opportunity to receive rewards for being a veteran through programs such as Veterans Advantage, but you also get many more perks for simply offering your service as an employee.

Reason #5: You Have Access to Unique Training as a Veteran

As a veteran working for Southwestern Airlines, the company offers you education from their dedicated Military Liaison.

While educating and serving veteran employees, the liaison also works to attract and network more veterans to Southwestern Airlines.

Gary Kelly, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Southwestern Airlines says: “Southwest is dedicated to hiring Veterans and supporting our military and spouses.

Our purpose is to connect people to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. We simply couldn’t fulfill our purpose if not for the sacrifices and dedication of our military men and women.

We appreciate their service and bravery in providing a blanket of freedom for our country, and we are honored to have an opportunity to welcome them into our Southwest Family.”

Not only are you as a veteran honored with discounts and rewards, but you are also recognized by Southwestern Airlines through receiving a pin that symbolizes their gratitude for your military service.

Tips for Adjusting to Life after Military Service

veterans conversation

As said earlier, we recognize that coming out of the military is like entering a whole new world, and adapting and adjusting to new lifestyle and jobs can be challenging.

But, here are a few tips that could help you make the adjustment a bit smoother and that you can use actively in your next career, such as in a career at Southwestern Airlines.

1. Allow Time for Self-Care

Transitioning from military serviceman to a veteran civilian can cause many emotions due to the extreme change in environment.

For this reason, it’s important that you give yourself time to readjust and to care for yourself, even if that means waiting a bit before starting a new job.

Perhaps what you need is a bit more time with your family or getting back into a hobby you once enjoyed in order to fully prepare what the workforce has in store for you.

2. Talk to Other Veterans

It can be very helpful and beneficial to either keep in touch with other men coming out of the service with you or to find other veterans who have already been in your place.

If you keep in touch with some of the same people you served alongside with who are making the great transition as well, then you probably won’t feel as alone because you know others are dealing with the same changes.

Talking to older veterans who have already made the transition can help you greatly too, as they can give you tips for adjusting to post-military life as well as tell you stories about how they did it.

3. Be Proud of Yourself

It is definitely not every man’s calling to serve in the military, but you served yours to the finish.

Congratulate yourself, because you have finally crossed the finish line. You did your part in serving and protecting our country, regardless of how big or small you thought your job was.

This kind of positive self-talk and your military pride can help you adjust to new life, especially if you acknowledge that you lived the last few years for a good purpose and with no regrets.

A Career at Southwestern Airlines can Help Ease the Transition in Many Ways.

With their heart full of military pride and compassion, you can be sure that you will be warmly welcomed as an employee at Southwestern Airlines.

Plus, being surrounded by a work environment full of others from the same place as you can definitely be a peace to you during your transition from active serviceman to veteran.

So, are you looking for and ready to receive benefits and acknowledgement for your military service, while maintaining a good job?

If so, then one of Southwestern Airlines careers could be your perfect match.

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