There are a lot of ways to get a veteran’s card that will demonstrate your military service and help you gain access to certain benefits for government employees and discounts from a vast array of stores and restaurants.

Ways You Can Earn a VIC and Earn Benefits

Saving at restaurants, stores, and through government agencies is easier than ever with the veteran’s ID because they actually work as a photo ID and proof of military service in one validated card. There are multiple ways you can get your own card, and not even option is best for everyone.

Free Veterans Identification Proof of Service Letter

You can find and print a letter through the joint VA/DoD online website e-Benefits, which will serve as evidence of your service.

VA Veterans Identification Card (VIC)

The Veterans ID card (VIC) is used by most veterans through the VA. The VIC is not the same as a Veteran Health Identification card, DoD Uniformed Services, or military retiree card. Veteran identification cards can't be used for evidence of acceptance to any government benefits, nor does it allow you to access ​army bases benefits.

Veterans Identification Card (VIC)

With this universal access picture ID card, numerous veterans qualify for this VA health care without even realizing it. The VA issues IDs to anyone who needs to access a VA medical center and numerous businesses acknowledge this as a valid confirmation of service.

Veterans who are eligible depend on where their service took place and if they:

  • Served in a war or experienced combat
  • Earned the Purple Heart Medal
  • Receive any VA pension or disability benefits
  • Completed Medical conditions while in active service
  • Served in the theater of war operations within the past 5 years
  • Were ever held as a prisoner of war

State Veterans ID Card

Most states are thinking about putting a Veterans designation on the driver's license or ID card. Virginia, as of now, is one state that issues a separate veteran’s ID card that can be acquired from the DMV. So, you can have a driver's license as well as a state-issued veteran’s card.

Veterans Designation on Driver’s Licenses Issued by State

On the off chance that you are living in one of the numerous states that presently offers a veteran’s designation on a driver's license or ID card, the easiest and best alternative that businesses and government agencies universally acknowledge is this option.

The states require shifting evidence of veterans’ status so make certain to check with the DMV before applying.

Most of them will just require your DD214, yet some states require and acknowledge extra documentation, and state costs range from free to about $15, according to Vets Regardless, there is usually an expense to re-issue a card that needs to be updated.

County Court House or Clerk Office Issued Veterans Cards

Many counties, like some of those in New York and New Jersey, have chosen to provide district veteran ID cards until the point when the states can start offering. Check with your neighborhood region courthouse or clerk office to see if they are offering veterans ID cards.

Although they are not official options, you should be able to receive benefits and discounts from stores or restaurants.

ID Cards for Eligible Family Members of Living and Deceased Retired Soldiers

DD Form 1172-1 (Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card) is provided to qualifying Family members of "Hazy area" retired personnel.

A DD Form 1173 (Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card) is issued to qualifying Family members of a retired personnel.

The same rules apply for the DD Form 1173 for Reduced Retirement Eligible Retiree Family members, so their ID cards won't have full health advantages until the point that the Sponsor is age 60.

Retired Veterans With 20 Years of Services as Veterans

Retired veterans who have served for over 20 years can get an ID card by submitting a photocopy of their retirement papers and they will be issued a DD frame 2 (blue-hued) ID card.

There are two types of ID cards issued to retired personnel:

  •  DD Form 2A (Ret-Red) ID card, which is issued to "Hazy area" retirees (before retired pay eligibility)
  • DD Form 2 (Red-Blue) ID card, is issued to a retiree who is currently accepting retired pay

Service Organization Veteran ID Cards

Numerous local and national organizations are out there working to provide ID cards for veterans, including the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Although these still are not considered official government-issued IDs that most businesses and restaurants acknowledge, these cards can function as verification of service in the military.


Ways to Prove Military Service Online

There are a few ways veterans can prove their military service and register online. The process is simple and easy for most people’s needs, with options including the following:

  • Honor System – Some businesses use the honor system. On the off chance that you say you're a veteran that is adequate for them.
  • Photograph in a veteran uniform – Some businesses will accept a photograph of a veteran in uniform as a valid proof.
  • Private Verification Services – Private companies out there, like Sheer ID and (formerly called Troop ID) can be used to check military service to exploit offers and discounts.
  • DD12 Form 214 – These are veteran’s retirement papers and documents of separation and numerous businesses and government agencies validate this printed material went with personal ID as valid confirmation and proof of military service.
  • Email Address – Most businesses will establish evidence of service from a .mil email address.
  • An APO/FPO Address – When purchasing a product, shipping to an APO/FPO address may help different businesses acknowledge your service or offer you discounts.
va veterans id card

6 Things You Should Know About the Veterans ID Card

It’s important to know what you can and cannot do with your veteran's ID to decide whether or not you should get one. Below are some of the facts that you should know about the veteran’s card before you sign up.

  • You Cannot Go to a Base:    Even though the VIC is an identification card, it won't provide you the access to an army base. You will still need an active, retired, medicinal, or subordinate ID card to access army bases.
    So, before you consider making a beeline for the Class Six with your VIC, just realize that it will no longer be acknowledged at the entryway than your library card will.
  • Even though the VIC is an identification card, it won't provide you the access to an army base. You will still need an active, retired, medicinal, or subordinate ID card to access army bases.
  • So, before you consider making a beeline for the Class Six with your VIC, just realize that it will no longer be acknowledged at the entryway than your library card will.
  • It takes over the DD214:    Numerous veterans will celebrate the idea of not expecting to keep a paper copy of their DD Form 214 in their wallet just to get a free feast on Veterans Day. The VIC will most likely be acknowledged instead of the format retailers and stores offering discounts to veterans. This by itself makes the VIC worth getting.  
  • It Hides All Private Information:    It's always uneasy showing the documents to a stranger that contains to a great degree personal data, such as your address or social security number. With the VIC that will be the thing of days gone by, as no identifiable data other than your photo and name will show up on the card. Once more, bye-bye, DD Form 214.  
  • Military Discounts Acceptance:     On Veterans Day, flying out a snappy card that verifies your veteran status is significantly easier than endeavoring to figure out how to demonstrate your service to your Applebee's server. It may take a touch of becoming acclimated to at first, yet in the long run, you'll fall once again into the propensity for whipping out your military identification without a moment's notice.
  • You Can Shop Online At AAFES:      You can use the VIC to check yourself as a veteran and shop the online version of the Army Air Force Exchange Service. AAFES has offered thousands of products at very low prices to service members and their families, and as of last November, veterans are included in with those who receive benefits. Although veterans can shop on the web, the amount of savings is justified, despite all the waiting it takes to ship. Plus, many options are tax-free.
  • It’s Not Official Government-Issued ID:     Because it is not an official ID form, you won't have the capacity to use it at certain places, such as the airplane terminal or the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, ensure you send in a decent photograph because your face will be smack on the front of your card.

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