When you leave the service, conforming back into civilian life can take some time. Not only do you have to learn to do normal things again, like spend time with friends and cook meals, but you also need to find employment.

If you had a specialized role in the service, you may be able to get a job in a related field, but even then you may want to consider working someplace that understands the military, and the life you've lived prior to ending your time in the service.

Types of Careers at the Navy Federal Credit Union

If you're considering Navy Federal Credit Union Careers, you're going to want to know what sort of jobs they have available to you. While not every position is going to be open at all times, there are some main jobs people can fill when working at a credit union of any kind.

1. Member Service Representative

One of the most commonly available careers with the Navy Federal CU is that of Member Service Representative. You can apply for a full-time or part-time position – perfect if you're also working on furthering your education now that you have more free time.

As a representative of the members, you'll be assisting both current and prospective members with all of the services offered by this institution – including assisting them with loans, mortgages, checking and savings accounts, debit and credit cards, and investment plans like IRAs.

2. Branch Office Manager

If you have experience in managerial roles, the Branch Office Manager position allows you to manage a team. Depending on your branch size, you could be managing a small to large team of employees.

This position is a lot of responsibility and is perfect for some with HR and management experience, and some money experience as well.

3. Assistant Manager

Every manager needs an assistant. If you have a little managerial experience and want a chance to work your way up, the Assistant Brand Office Manager position is a great place to start. In this position, you will assist the manager with daily operations and be in charge when they're not around.

These are some of the positions offered through the main branches (there are many other jobs available). They are the ones you'll most likely find open, especially as new branches of the Navy Federal Credit Union open.

Reasons to Consider Navy Federal Credit Union Careers

There are many reasons to consider Navy Federal Credit Union Careers. While they only have a 4-star out of 5 rating average on Indeed, they offer a lot more incentive than many companies that are hiring right now.

People love to post online reviews, good and bad. Here are some good things that people have said in Indeed reviews:

  • One reviewer said that it's the best company they've worked for.
  • Many people like that they have a comprehensive benefits package.
  • There are no job layoffs, so employees like that feeling of job security they get from this employer.
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    People like that they are a “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” recipient.
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    They treat their employees fairly.
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    It's sometimes described as a fast-paced work environment with some competition – but that can be a good thing if you're looking to climb the ladder while you're there.

So, now that you know what others are saying, here are some of the reasons you should be applying now that you're done with your military service.

1. General Benefits

There's more information about some of these benefits as you read on, but the NFCU offers a competitive salary plus incentive programs. They have benefits for medical, dental, and vision. They also have retirement plans in which the employer puts money in as well.

You'll get comprehensive training, as well as tuition assistance if you seek schooling outside what you learn on the job. With paid leave and programs that help you balance work and life, you can ensure a stress-free (mostly, anyway) work environment.

2. Paid Leave

NFCU offers ten paid holidays off each year to their employees. You also accrue sick days depending on how many hours you put in. Full-time and part-time employees get vacation days, varying by how many years you've been with the company.

If you're still in the military, NFCU allows certain days off for military personnel. You don't have to worry about your job being gone when you get back from a deployment.

3. Health Benefits

The health benefits that NFCU offers is one of the major reasons you should consider a job with them post-military. They not only have the medical coverage already mentioned above, but they also have flex spending accounts, disability coverage, life insurance, and you can even opt into pet insurance to protect any furry friends you have in your life.

Some locations even have employee health services right on the premises. If you feel under the weather there ate nurses on staff to assist you.

4. Wellness Programs

NFCU cares about your continued health and wellness, which is why they have wellness programs available to help employees be proactive about their own wellness plan.

The larger NFCU campuses have a fully-staffed fitness center (which opens many of you up to even more job prospects with the company), where you can stay fit, or get fit.

More than just a gym, the wellness programs also offer seminars and incentive programs that will make you want to stay fit and healthy.

5. Programs that Help You Balance Work and Life

It takes a lot of focus in order to be a good employee, but you don't want to allow your job to take over your life – especially after your life was all about the military, and now it can be about you (and your family) again.

From social activities that help you feel like work is more than just work, to seminars that will help you better your life in and out of work, there are many offerings available.

NFCU offers adoption reimbursements – so they want you to grow your family if you want to. Large campuses have cafeterias, to make your workday easier. You can even get discounts for the whole family to amusement parks and other entertainment destinations.

6. Recognition and Rewards

Your performance will not go unnoticed. NFCU offers many different rewards and ways to recognize superior performance among their employees on all employment levels.

It will give you a reason to put your all into work while you're on the clock. It's one of the many reasons that NFCU is a happy place to work.

entrepreneur behind graph

7. Professional Growth

You don't have to worry about stagnancy when working at NFCU. There are training programs, seminars, workshops and more, ready for you to continue learning on the job. You can even learn leadership skills that will let you move from representative positions into management positions with ease.

8. Diversity in Hiring

NFCU does not discriminate when it comes to disabilities or veteran status when you apply for work at NFCU. They pride themselves in hiring a diverse team that includes people with disabilities (whether or not they're veterans), current military personnel and former military personnel.

Other Bonuses of Applying at NFCU

Now you know all of the benefits of working for NFCU, which should be enough to have you on their website applying right now.

There are some other bonuses of job hunting with them. Not only are there always jobs available, especially in member services, but there are also other opportunities available that will allow you to get your foot in the door as well.

When you visit their website, you'll find a link that will let you join their “Talent Network.” Instead of directly applying to a specific job, you'll send your information (including your resume) to the recruiting team on staff. They will get your information and contact you if they have a unique position that might be a perfect fit.

They also have job alerts you can sign up for. You'll get an email when a job in your interests is posted.

A Little More About NFCU

With more than 290 branches located around the world, Navy Federal Credit Union careers are not hard to come by. They employ a very large staff.

Not only do that have that many locations, but they also have four different large campuses (where you'll find that fully-stocked cafeteria and those fully-staffed fitness centers). These campuses are located in Florida (Pensacola), Virginia (in both Winchester and Vienna), and California (San Diego).

Before You Apply

If you're considering applying for Navy Federal Credit Union careers, make sure you brush up your resume first. You should have relative employment history for the last few years, your military history, as well as your education that's pertaining to this work (college degrees, unless all you have is your high school diploma). Be prepared for that interview call, and start practicing your answers!

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