There’s nothing like an interview to make you break out in a sweat. It’s so unpredictable. Will it go well, or will it go up in flames?

The best chance you have is to have proper etiquette. What is etiquette? It’s basic polite society rules for certain situations.

Interviews can make or break your job hunting process. There are a few things you can do to make it as smooth as possible.

How Important is an Interview?

There have always been interviews in the job hunting process, but have you wondered why? Why are they so important?

Interviews are the way employers learn about you and your personality and see if it will work well within their company. The interviewer sees you more as a person than a name and a set of skills.

This also gives you the opportunity to talk about your skills and showing off your best features. To make yourself be seen as a memorable person so that way you stand out.

You can add more information that you couldn’t put on your resume or the application. You can create a more full and vivid story about your work history.

It’s also a way to create good will. You and the interviewer may get along well which will reflect on your application. It will also show the employers your social skills and if they think you will get along with their employees.

Interviews can help you feel more confident too, believe it or not. The more interviews you do, the more confident you’ll be. Yes, at first it will be scary, but eventually you will be able to anticipate questions and how interviews run. You’ll feel calmer as you approach interviews.

Even if you don’t do well in one interview, you will know that there are others and that you will know what to do then.

Like with interviewers, you can also decide if this company is a good fit for you. You can ask questions, get a feel for the company’s atmosphere, and see if you think it will be a good fit.

Sometimes things sound good on paper, but it turns out not to be that way in real life.

This will give you the confidence to accept or reject the job offer that may come your way.

14 Interview Etiquette Tips

These tips will help you feel more confident when you walk into your interview. You will appear calm, polite, and professional if you use them.



man rehearsing for interview

There are usually some basic questions that you are going to be asked. “Why do you want to work for this company?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

You can practice your responses and perfect them. You can even look in the mirror so you can control your facial expressions.

This will help you keep your answers clear and concise. You will also feel more confident and the interviewer will be able to sense that confidence.


Do Your Research

do a research for interview

You should know a bit about the company that you are applying for. There’s nothing ruder than clearly not knowing anything about the company.

See if you can find out who is interviewing you and if you can get any information about them. If you can casually bring up any of that information during the interview, you will probably impress them.

This will show that you care about the company and getting the job.

This will also give you a chance to think of any questions about the company that pops up during the research.


Dress Appropriately 

dress appropriate attire

There is no way to redo a first impression. What you wear will be the first thing that the interviewer will see, so make sure that it’s appropriate.

This means no jeans or sweatpants. Nothing with holes in it or that’s too exposing.

It’s always better to overdress than under-dress. It’s like being better safe than sorry. At the same time, make sure it’s something that makes you feel good and comfortable.

Try not to wear too much perfume or anything too flashy.


Give a Proper Handshake

proper handshake

Giving a good handshake will convey strength and determination. Make sure you grip the other person’s hand firmly, but not enough to be painful.

No high fives, fist bumps, and any other type of casual gestures.



woman smiling to interviewer

A smile will convey friendliness. If you show up looking too nervous you lose the opportunity to make a good first impression.

Try to smile naturally and it will make you look confident and approachable. Even if you are nervous, fake it. You know the saying, “fake it until you make it!”

If you need to, there’s no shame in practicing in the mirror until you feel comfortable.


Pay Attention to Your Body Language

man paying attention

You would be surprised at how much you can say without saying a word. For example, sitting with your arms crossed could send a message that you’re closed off or defensive.

Make sure you communicate positive things. Look your interviewer in the eye, which will show that you are confident and calm.

Stand up whenever someone else walks into the room. It’s unprofessional to stay sitting. If possible, try to minimize any nervous habits or ticks you have.

Yes, we know it’s easier said than done, but it’s still worth a try.


Ask Questions 

woman asking questions

Don’t forget interviews are a way for you to learn more the company. You can learn more about the workplace and if you think you will fit in.

Prepare some questions ahead of time. Think about what you want to know about how things work there, what your position entails, and the career path trajectory.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It shows you’re engaged.


Make Sure You Are Properly Prepared

preparing for an interview

Make sure come to the interview prepared. This means coming with a couple copies of your resume and your list of references. This also includes a list of questions as well.

Make sure everything is organized or else you will look sloppy.

Make sure not to bring a coffee or food. Don’t chew gum during the interview either.

Remember that you will be talking during the interview and no one wants to see what you are chewing in your mouth.


Turn Off Your Phone

hands turning off the phone

Make sure you turn down the sound on your phone. You don’t want any emails or texts to ding during the interview. It would be super embarrassing if your ringtone went off and interrupted the whole thing.


Make Sure You Arrive On Time

man arrived on time for interview

There’s nothing worse than arriving late to an interview. It’s best to arrive a few minutes early to give yourself less stress. This will also give you the opportunity to freshen up and make sure everything is in its proper place.

Maybe best of all, you will have a few moments to catch your breath and calm yourself down.


Be Nice to the Receptionist

man asking politely to receptionist

Hopefully, this tip doesn’t surprise you. You should be nice to everyone, but sometimes people can be rude to receptionists. Many think of them as unimportant.

You should give off friendly vibes as you enter the building. Being authentically considerate will leave a strong impression.


Do Not Bad Mouth Your Former Employer

woman talking to interviewer

There is nothing that will disqualify you faster than bad mouthing your former boss. Even if it was a bad job or the boss was cruel, there are better ways to talk about it.

You can say that you didn’t fit in well, that it wasn’t the right environment, or that you had a difficult situation and that is why you left.


Send a Thank You Card

thank you card

It never hurts to send a thank you note. It can be a physical card or email. You can express your thanks for the interviewer’s time and the chance to learn about the company.

This will make you seem polite and make you stand out. Plus, this will probably bring a smile to the face of your interviewer.

Just don’t go overboard.


Follow Up

woman using phone

There is nothing wrong with following up. Feel free to send a quick email or phone message.

You can just ask what the status of your application is. This can show that you really want to work for them.

Just make sure you are following up and not being desperate. Make sure your message is calm and collected. Not overly emotional.

Small Things Make a Big Difference

These may seem like small insignificant tips, but they can make a big difference. These small pieces make a big confident, professional picture of yourself.

These will also make you feel more comfortable as you go about the interview. You may not even know it.

So use this as a cheat sheet before you go off to your next interview. You will surely nail it.

Good luck on the job hunt!

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